Best Things to do in Eureka Springs, AR

The small town of Little Rock, located inside the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, is a place of spectacular beauty, making it the ideal spot for hikers who are enthusiastic, as well as all types of nature enthusiasts. With numerous lakes and rivers nearby, there are many opportunities to experience various water sports within the region.

This town is vibrant for its size and is very beautiful. The majority of the homes in Eureka Springs are older Victorian homes that are built into the mountain’s landscape and cliffs. In addition to all the things you can explore within Eureka Springs, you’ll be amazed by the number of occasions that are held every year in this tiny mountain town. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to have your time in a luxurious and peaceful getaway or just get out into the wild, Eureka Springs has everything!

Blue Spring Heritage Center

The land that is now the homeland of the Cherokee who discovered and were nourished by the landscape in the Trail of Tears. The park is rich in history and regions of exceptional natural beauty to be explored and reflect on.

A wonderful excursion from town, the Blue Spring Center has gardens that are full of native fauna and the flora. There are many beautiful benches that you can sit to rest and enjoy a stroll along the winding pathways that wind through the park.

Another great asset that is part of the Center can be found in one of the most beautiful features in the Center is Blue Spring. This natural spring pumps 38 million gallon of freshwater into the lagoon of the center every day. It is a popular spot for native trout species.

Christ of the Ozarks

This massive, majestic religious statue was constructed in the year 1966, above the town. This statue depicts Christ is the village’s Christ the Redeemer. Although this statue’s size is less than Rio’s, but the Christ is still at 67 feet tall!

The statue is located on the top of adjacent Magnetic Mountain, which sits at around 1500 feet in altitude. It’s among the most popular attractions in the town. Every year, hundreds of visitors trek up the steep hill to the statue and admire its grandeur.

Another fascinating fact that will pique your curiosity is that the statue was constructed with 340 tons of concrete! It is just a short distance from the town and the Christ of the Ozarks is an absolute must-see during your trip to the area.

Beaver Lake

The huge, crystal-clear lake is a popular location for water sports enthusiasts and all types of nature lovers. Beaver Lake is surrounded by lush meadows and green forests with numerous trails that meander through the meadows.

It’s also a perfect spot to watch birds, take an easy stroll along the lake’s shores or a beautiful spot to sit and read a book in the sunshine. Bring your fishing rod and attempt to catch the bass!

Thorncrown Chapel

It’s one of the most distinctive and stunning chapels you’ll ever visit. The chapel is set among native woodlands and is in the midst of the natural beauty. The exterior of the chapel is made out of a basic wooden structure, with plenty of windows!

In fact, there are 425 windows along the walls of the chapel. With all the natural light and the stunning views, you’ll have the sensation that you’re not even inside. There are forests and wild areas all around you.

Onyx Cave Park

It’s a great stop for those who’ve always wanted to explore the caves beneath the surface, but don’t want to sit for all day in the damp, dark and humid environment. Onyx Cave Park has a small system of caves underground, which takes around half an hour explore.

It is possible to observe the stunning geographical patterns within the caves which remain changing and growing over time! If you’re feeling cold and are tired of the sour smell that surrounds you, you can climb up and have a go in axe throwing or have a blast at any in the Onyx Smashing rooms.

Quigley’s Castle

Quigley’s Castle was constructed for the Quigley’s family during the late 1940s. The home is unique one, and its story is just as fascinating! Mrs. Quigley moved to the States from Italy when she was a child and was raised in the region. After her wedding, she happily had children in the town.

However, she was not happy with the house they resided in. Therefore, when her husband was at work, she and her two children took it apart and moved to her chicken pen! She could now get started on the construction that she had always wanted and Quigley’s Castle.

St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church

It is located in Eureka, California. St. Elizabeth Catholic Church is a modest, picturesque church surrounded by the lush greenery and natural surroundings on a hill in Eureka. The church was established in 1908, and replaced the old chapel, which was used by worshippers from the surrounding area.

The church was built with dolomite limestone sourced from local quarry sites, which gave the appearance of a stone cottage. Bell towers were added later in 1910 and added to the unique appeal of the church. The church went through a lot of renovations following its creation, but the original structure remains in the present day.