Best Cities to Visit in Finland

A place of rivers and lakes with epic wildness and endless forest, Finland is filled with natural beauty. the charming cities are set in stunning scenery. They are situated on islands or are bordered by waterways and picturesque streets. They are lined with fashionable boutiques and high-end shops which showcase the finest of Finnish design.

While the historic cities and old wooden structures are fascinating to visit, the natural wonders that are located around the cities make wonderful bases to explore the deepest parts of Finland’s lakes and forests.

In the northern part of Finland, the Arctic Circle beckons you ever further. There are a number of fantastic museums that are scattered throughout the most beautiful cities of Finland which highlight the country’s rich cultural heritage. Close by Russia as well as Sweden just add to the rich mixture of influences can be found here.


Home to Nokia, Espoo is a city of commuters, which is close to Helsinki. This makes it an excellent choice to visit for a day when you want to get away from Helsinki’s capital city for a short time. With great shopping malls as well as lovely flea markets, bar and caf├ęs that are a bit of a spectacle Espoo’s most popular attraction is the magnificent Museum of Modern Art. There, you will find an enormous collection of art that date from the 20th Century to the present.

The huge student population breathes new life into Espoo’s streets. From there, you can go to the charming Nuuksio National Park in the vicinity.


The second oldest town in the nation, the historic center of Porvoo is gorgeous to see with old warehouses that line the Porvoo River, as well as charming, cobbled streets that run along its banks.

The city dates from Medieval time, the closeness to Helsinki is a reason why it’s a favorite day trip. Its colorful wooden homes make it a picturesque place to visit. It has a fantastic cuisine scene, and lots to offer in terms of culture and arts, Porvoo is worth a stop.


The city is located in Saimaa Lake region. Savonlinna is located near Russia and is stunningly set on numerous tiny islands. A beautiful and scenic spot, two large lakes surround the area. In the summer, it’s an absolute pleasure to visit when the sun shines across the lakes everywhere.

The most awaited highlight is the magnificent fifteenth Century Olavinlinna Castle, which hosts an incredible Opera festival every year. Sitting by the harbor, or in some of the restaurants that line the market square is an absolute delight and there are a myriad of waters and forests to explore.


The former capital city of Finland is an amazing place to relax in. The second-largest city in Finland, there are many things to do and explore in the city. Its history dates all the way back to 13th-century, its stunning castle and cathedral are only two of the attractions available.

The rich history of the city contrasts beautifully with the modern atmosphere. With a significant student population, there’s a wide range of bars, restaurants, clubs, as well as an active music and arts scene. Along with the busy streets, it is also worth noting that the Aurajoki River trundles beautifully through the city’s central area. In this area, one is able to easily visit the surrounding Turku Archipelago. A lot of people come to Finland via Turku’s bustling port.


In the northwestern part of the country, close to the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi is the capital city of Lapland and is the residence of Santa Claus. It is well-known as a tourist attraction – although its basic and functional structures aren’t exactly beautiful. This is due to the fact that the city was nearly destroyed during The Second World War.

The gorgeous Arktikum museum provides a fascinating insight into the local customs. Also, you will enjoy learning about their history as well as the rich culture and traditions of the Sami people. Although Rovaniemi isn’t exactly awe-inspiring, the nearby attractions of Santa Claus Village and the beautiful rural landscape makes it a wonderful city to visit while exploring the wilderness of northern Norway as well as in the Arctic Circle.


Located on from the Gulf of Bothnia from Sweden, Vaasa has a large Swedish population. It was actually named for Swedish royalty. It was once ruled by the Russians. The Old Town burnt down in the event of a fire, which is why most people living there are modern.

Since there exist three colleges in Vaasa, there are plenty of restaurants and bars that serve thirsty students. There are a number of excellent museums available and an exciting art and culture scene. A top destination for families there is numerous excellent outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. The close Kvarken Archipelago is marvelous to explore.


It dates all the way to Stone Age, Vantaa is oddly lacking in historical sites and is mostly an industrial area, with some large shopping malls scattered across. Fortunately, the serene Keravanjoki River bordering it helps provide the city with needed greenery.

Although it’s not a lot of things to do, a lot of travelers pass through it. This is the home of Helsinki-Vantaa National Airfield. It is more of a gateway to the country, rather than an actual destination. Also, the amazing Heureka science center that features interactive exhibits is the second reason why people come here.